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TKF’s ACE training courses enable you to become fully acquainted with the ACE cables, components and tools before heading into the field. We share our knowledge and skills on cables and connectivity, so that you and your installers know exactly what you need to do, what to expect, and how you can respond to different situations effectively.

We offer four training courses, covering Civil Works, Components, Fibre Optics, and Cable Blowing.

Training courses

Training 1 - Civil Works

The civil works course is a theoretical course in laying and installing cables, ducts, multi-tube cables, connectors, and the like. The course covers skills such as how to install ducts and cables using right bend radii, how to make correct tube connections, and which tools to use for different tasks.

Training 2 - Components

The components course provides both theoretical and practical training for installing components and cables. The course can be of a general nature covering the use of the various ACE components, or tailor-made for specific projects and customers.

Training 3 - Fibre Optics

The fibre optics course provides both theoretical and practical training in the basics of fibre optics, fibre splicing, OTDR/power and interfero measurements in clean room environments. Depending on specific customer requests and the existing knowledge of the participants, the course duration may vary.

Training 4 - Cable Blowing

In the cable blowing course, we share our extensive experience in cable blowing through demonstrations and in-depth, hands-on training sessions.

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