Pigtail G.657.A1 Single Color

Pigtails are optical fibre cords mostly consisting of a bare fibre with a secondary coating and terminated at one side by an optical connector. Due to its sensitivity pigtails are commonly used in a controlled environment, for example in a patch shelf or splice tray.


Pigtail G.657.A1 Single Color


Product characteristics
Type Conductor pigtail
Optical specification
Fibre type Singlemode
Environmental specification
Operating temperature -25/75 °C
Suitable for service environments according IEC 61753 U - Uncontrolled environment

Product Info

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Article numberDescriptionColourLengthIL Grade according IEC 61753 Compare
567030 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Black 2.0 m IL-Grade C
420802 SC/APC 8° l1:1.5 m White 1.5 m IL-Grade C
420804 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m White 2.0 m IL-Grade C
420800 SC/PC l1:1.5 m White 1.5 m IL-Grade C
420856 SC/PC l1:2.0 m White 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567023 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Blue 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567029 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Brown 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567024 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Green 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567026 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Grey 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567025 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Pink 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567031 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Orange 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567020 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Red 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567032 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Turquoise 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567028 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Violet 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567021 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m White 2.0 m IL-Grade C
567022 SC/APC 8° l1:2.0 m Yellow 2.0 m IL-Grade C



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