In the rural areas of Haaksbergen, Enschede and Losser, CIF is building a completely new fibre optic network. Due to an intensive cooperation between Allinq and TKF, we have been commissioned to implement this network with a renewed ACE concept.

There is a world of difference between FTTH in urban areas or deployment in rural areas. For instance you have to deal with many landowners such as the Society for the Preservation of Nature, Department of Waterways and Public Works, Forestry Commission and obstacles such as waterways, railways and lots of trees.

The area we talk about has a total of 4,343 homes. The digging and blowing will be taken care of by SCT (Schuuring Civiel Techniek), a daughter company of Allinq. The total of the excavation work will be about 820 kilometers, including gardens and the main trench.

SCT has 40 working weeks to get the job done, for this they work with 10 to 15 teams of different contractors. A huge impact to get this well organized, however TKF unburdens the main contractor Allinq through our ACE concept.

Allinq wants to work in an environmentally friendly way. Our ACE concept ensures less driven back and forth in the field with materials (the satellite locations) resulting into CO2 reduction.

Also Allinq suggested to CIF to bundle the tubes on site, therefore, after a branch off , there are no empty tubes being used. As a result less empty tubes in a trench. This way of working is relatively new in the Netherlands (cutting and plowing).

To kick-off this project, TKF organized a breakfast meeting in Haaksbergen on 27 November. About 70 installers and project managers were present. A presentation was given to explain all the materials to be used and they were also informed about the method of installation. In addition, energy company Alliander gave a presentation regarding safety. Cable damage is unfortunately still occasionally occurring and we need to know what to do in case of emergencies with electrical and gas pipes. Also the municipality of Haaksbergen was present to observe all the instructions. >