The fast increasing demand for bandwidth is most noticeable in rural areas.
While fibre optic networks are being rolled out in many residential areas and alternative networks can reasonably fill the needs, the infrastructure in rural areas is out-dated and no longer able to respond to the rapidly growing demand for bandwidth. Some residents in the rural area do not even have any fixed connections.

TKF has played a major role in innovation of the Fibre to the Home roll out in the past decade.
To financially facilitate the deployment of fibre in the rural areas, innovative (cost-saving) solutions are required. And this is where TKF can best use its innovative strength.

Together with initiators, contractors and network owners, TKF has established several innovation sessions that led to the development of new ACE solutions, construction methods and logistics processes. We closely work with our partners to get a proper business case for fibre deployment in rural areas and optimizing it constantly. From the start, designing a network, to delivery in the so often remote locations.

In the coming period TKF will invest in various new processes and product innovations, supported by tailor-made logistics concepts in order to make a good profitable business case for a successful roll out of Fibre to the Home in rural areas.

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