TKF recently introduced dry and flexible soft tube cables, STIC (indoor) and STAC (façade) cables, suitable for utility installation.

For an efficient finishing of the soft tube cable, TKF has developed two new customer boxes: the DIN / wall outlet and the DIN rail module. Both boxes, suitable for 1 to 4 fibers on SC connectors, can be mounted on a DIN rail.

The DIN / wall outlet can also be placed on the wall via an ingenious adapter plate which is equipped with a level for easy assembly. The adapter plate provides multiple access options for the cable.

Both box solutions are pre-connected with a STIC or STAC cable, supplied in an installation friendly packaging and the cable is available in various lengths. You can order the DIN / wall outlet also as a separate splice box.

Contact your TKF contact person to learn more about these unique ACE solutions or visit our product page.