TKF’s ACE concept guarantees the best solution for the design and construction of your fibre network.
When choosing a fibre network concept, the focus is often on a sophisticated design and high-quality components. Once designed and planned as a project, the roll out in the field becomes the next challenge, especially in the rural areas.

An essential part of a successful roll out of a project is the in-time delivery of materials to the right location. For some years now, TKF offers extensive services through the use of our ACE truck.
The ACE truck visits your project and supplies directly to your specific locations in the field (third-party sites or even containers) and your central warehouse. Since the ACE truck is driven by our own TKF warehouse colleagues with extended knowledge of components, we are able to increase our service to you.

With the ACE logistic concept it is possible to deliver our components at your remote project locations and only invoice the used materials (consignment stock), decreasing your working capital considerably. Based on agreed parameters, the project progress is monitored by our TKF colleagues, supplied and adapted when necessary.

The success of a project is not only depending on a good design and concept choice, but also very much depends on a successful roll out with the choice of a smart logistic concept.

To enforce this, we have recently improved our service with a new and larger ACE truck.

We hope to see our ACE truck at your next FTTX project soon!