The Loose Tube Cable All Dielectric Self-Supporting (LTC ADSS) is a metalfree aerial distribution cable, with dry waterblocking and aramid yarns under the outersheath. This cable is to be used under all dielectric circumstances, for example on distribution and high voltage power lines, railway, tram, trolley bus lines and between buildings. Because of its strong tensile members it is suitable for aerial applications without using additional strenght members. This cable is designed for spans between approx. 250 and 450 mtrs, depending on installing and surroundings conditions, with the conditions from the NESC tables as a basis. For further information, please consult document Sag & Tension Calculations under characteristic ‘Specification’.




Product characteristics
Cable type LTC
Fibre type Singlemode
Optical fibre standard ITU-T G.657.A1
Optical element Loose tube, gel filled
Cable metal free Yes
Strain relief Yes
Material outer sheath HDPE
Colour outer sheath Black
Standardization EN IEC 60794-3-20
Test procedures EN IEC 60794-1-2
Application Outside
Optical specification
Max. attenuation @ 1310 nm 0.38 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1550 nm 0.24 dB/km
Max. attenuation @ 1625 nm 0.26 dB/km
Environmental specification
Longitudinal watertight construction Super Absorbing Polymer
Installation temperature -15/55 °C
Transportation and storage temperature -40/70 °C
Operational temperature range Ta1 - Tb1 -40/70 °C
Max. attenuation increase during Ta1 - Tb1 0.05 dB
Operational temperature range Ta2 - Tb2 -40/70 °C
Max. attenuation increase during Ta2 - Tb2 0.15 dB
UV resistant Yes

Product Info

Fibre Standard
Cable construction and colour code

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Article numberDescriptionOuter diameter approx.Weight (kg)Min. bending radius after installationMin. bending radius during installationTensile load short term (Tm)Tensile load Long Term (Tl) Compare
77680 12x SM G.657.A1 (6x2) 13,9 mm 0.147 205 mm 275 mm 14500 N 14500 N
77681 24x SM G.657.A1 (6x4) 13,9 mm 0.148 205 mm 275 mm 15000 N 14700 N
77682 24x SM G.657.A1 (2x12) 15,0 mm 0.171 225 mm 300 mm 19000 N 16900 N
77683 48x SM G.657.A1 (6x8) 14,7 mm 0.165 220 mm 290 mm 15100 N 15100 N
77684 48x SM G.657.A1 (4x12) 15,0 mm 0.171 225 mm 300 mm 18600 N 16600 N
77685 72x SM G.657.A1 (6x12) 15,0 mm 0.174 225 mm 300 mm 18700 N 16600 N
77686 96x SM G.657.A1 (8x12) 16,5 mm 0.206 245 mm 325 mm 18900 N 17500 N
77687 144x SM G.657.A1 (6x24) 16,7 mm 0.210 250 mm 335 mm 17400 N 17100 N



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